How could global notation be better?

The idea of designing a new notation system to notate any kind of music in the world is nothing new. Ethnomusicologist Mantle Hood called for such a system in his 1971 book The Ethnomusicologist. But as Hood said, “No one scholar, no one center or institution, can achieve this in isolation.” (See p. 119 in the 1982 edition.)

Building on the ideas of Hood and others, I’ve come up with a notation system that I think has some potential, and on this website I’ve tried to explain enough of it for others to get the idea of how it works and what it can do. I’m still a long way from covering every possible musical situation, and even what I have covered could probably be done better.

Here is where I need your help. If you think global notation could be useful, I’d love to know what you might use it for and how it could be improved to make it serve your purposes better. Any kind of comment that could lead to improvements is welcome, whether it’s a specific practical suggestion or just pointing out a problem.

Even better, you could try using global notation yourself and share your own examples!

Hoping to hear from you soon


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