New Quick Guide and general website overhaul

For users already accustomed to music notation and wanting to get a sense of how global notation works without having to read through the Manual page by page, I’ve added a Quick Guide that illustrates the main features of the system, with links to the pages where the full explanations are given. It works more or less like the Visual Index in the Sibelius Reference Guide.

I’ve also given the website a general overhaul and restructuring, so that there are now fewer headings under the “Manual” menu but more of them have subheadings. This I think will make it easier to find your way around.

Finally, I’ve made one change to the conventions of the notation system itself: a modification of the initial bracket where the meter and tempo are indicated. This is now called a “hurdle” and provided in a variety of forms according to how much of the music it applies to: see the new page on Variable beat division.

As always, feedback and suggestions for further improvements are welcomed.

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