Author: Andrew Killick

Academic article published

I’m delighted to report that my article “Global Notation as a Tool for Cross-Cultural and Comparative Music Analysis” has now been published in the online peer-reviewed journal Analytical Approaches to World Music, Volume 8, No. 2 (2020). The article explains the background and rationale for the system and applies it to analyses of music from […]

Review of this website published

A review of this website by Victoria Lindsay Levine, Professor of Music at Colorado College, has just been published in the 2020 Yearbook for Traditional Music, the scholarly journal of the International Council for Traditional Music published by Cambridge University Press. While the review isn’t freely available online, I can tell you that it’s a […]

Chord notation overhaul and new pages

In response to comments on the original “chords” page and my own further reflections and experiments, I’ve given the chord notation a thorough overhaul and added two new pages that attempt to allow for all possible chords within the Western tuning system at least. I think it’s a big improvement but I’d welcome any constructive […]

New section on chords etc.

While explaining the principles of global notation through examples that mostly use only one pitch at a time, I’ve long been aware of the need to notate music that uses chords, drones, or multiple melody lines. I’ve now provided some suggestions for this in a whole new section of the website titled Pitch combinations, with […]